Tuesday, 22 December 2009

At the Singapore Zoological Gardens!

We're at the zoo again! This time, we're there with hubbs colleagues from school. Isaac's favourite Charlene cheh cheh is there too... :)
I love to take pix of them. They look really cute together.
Charlene's really a very sweet girl, and well behaved. She and Isaac can play very well together. So Isaac really likes it when we "go look for Charlene cheh cheh"...
That always works well to coax him into the carseat quickly "You want to look for Charlene cheh cheh or not?! You quickly sit in your carseat then we go and find her already!" And he'd be in his carseat in a jiffy!
As Isaac gets to play with more and more children, it's really interesting to observe that he can get along with some kids better than others.
It's just really nature, isn't it. Like you have a natural affinity towards some people, but not others. It's also comforting, for me, as a parent, to see that Isaac mostly gravitates towards children who are well behaved and generally nice, instead of say kids who are merely hyperactive.
Hahaha look at Isaac's cheeky grin in the picture above... sighz. He DOES generally seem to prefer girls though. Not that he doesn't like to play with boys, he does, but it's like he'd only hold hands with girls. And never boys. The only exception so far for holding hands with boys is with Jarrod and Zachary, my 6 and 4 year old nephews who really play well with Isaac too. Look at his "oh so casual" handholding with Charlene below - caught it on film! hahaha... well, like hubbs says... at least we know what's Isaac's inclination... kekeke ;)
Here below is Charlene's mummy Mary, and lil' brother Lucas. Lucas is growing up to be one charming little boy too - very smiley! :)
Below are the few pix I caught of hubbs and Isaac, when hubbs offered his services to throw a frisbee to the sealion during the show.
Yes, so typical of hubbs to volunteer eh? :) He'd wanted to get Isaac closer to the animals.
We're at the water play area! Our first time there.
So we weren't really ready for it - didn't bring Isaac's swim suit along. Didn't stop him from enjoying himself, though.
hubbs joined in the fun too!
Zenon and his papa were there too :)
Zenon's just about 2 months older than Isaac. I think. Geez, am beginning to forget such details. Can't recall 1 month older or 2 months older...
Here's a nice shot of Peili and Enjie - Isaac's 6 months older than Enjie - this one I recall coz we were just counting, a few weeks ago...
Here below is Enyi - Enjie's older brother! :) He's 6, I think. Going on Primary 1 next year. So fast!
Zenon and his papa Yenn Wah.
Isaac, Charlene and Enjie! :)
Below's a vid of Isaac enjoying himself in the water!

pix & vid taken on 28th February 2009
Isaac @ 18 months plus

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