Thursday, 24 December 2009

Picnic @ Japanese Garden

It was a last minute thing. One moment we just woke up and was thinking where we should head for breakfast, and the next thing I knew, hubbs was calling his colleagues who stayed nearby and we were all mobilised to meet in half an hour's time at the nearby Japanese Garden at Jurong for a picnic!
Took us more like 45 minutes to gather there, but it was fun! There's really nothing at Japanese Garden now. Just trees, grass, the lake, and... nobody! We were the only people there, if you didn't count the caretaker and the grass cutter! Free admission to an entire park to ourselves!
Hehehe... Isaac swopped his glasses with Charlene...
And here they are swopping back...
I love this pic below!!! :) hahhaa... oh I kinda like this punky hairdo of Isaac's :p
Hehhee... nice shots I caught of Mary and Lucas - Charlene's brother.
Look at Isaac below. Isn't it hilarious, the way he is sitting and how he is looking at Charlene. hahaha he looks almost... shy!!!
Smitten by Charlene, Isaac makes his moves in broad daylight, in full view of Charlene's parents. Talk above nerve!!!
Don't they look like a Hollywood couple walking down Sunset Boulevard?! hahahaha...
The man and his cougar, what can I say...

pix & vid taken on 4th April 2009
Isaac @ two days to 20 months

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