Saturday, 19 December 2009

Blowing bubbles with Kakak

These are our neighbours, and they love to play with Isaac since he was an infant. We often sit at our door talking to them as they're very friendly and we like them a lot too.
pix taken on 5th February 2009
Isaac @ a day to 18 months

They adore Isaac and would love to talk to him and play with him. Isaac calls them Kakak - malay for "sister". Here they are blowing bubbles for him to play with. He loves it! He would chase after the bubbles and burst them.

One of this kakak - the one on the left, Sunarti, has since delivered to a lovely baby boy named Hardy. We tease her that Isaac should call her "auntie" now, instead of "sister" hahaha... We're all eagerly awaiting the day when Isaac and Hardy can play together :)

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