Thursday, 31 December 2009

Cel's wedding on 26th Dec 2009

Yes, it's a backpost again! I realised I forgot to make this December 2009 post - largely coz the photos below aren't taken by me! :) They're hweech's photos! Thanks hweech! :p
26th December 2009, Cecilia & Alan's wedding :) Congrats guys!!! Been eagerly awaiting this day!
Our smallest jiemei tuan yet, one of the culprit being me, unable to make it to be jiemei that day coz of my super huge tummy. SQ too, was in confinement, I think. But WQ made it! Look at her, so slim so quickly after giving birth. Cel, we can't wait for you to join us in mummyhood!!! ;p
Look at my Isaac in his toot toot hairdo. I'd cut his fringe a little too short, though hubbs assures me that Isaac still looks great :)
They told me I look "radiant" but now, upon looking back, I thought I looked kinda pale. Well, I was a week from giving birth to a total of 5.6kg of babies... Seriously, I had a lot of trouble walking about. But since I couldn't be jiemei for one of my best friends, then I should at least turn up for her wedding, right?! :)
Profile pix to see the extent of my tummy! :p You see the black tummy band I was wearing? Best piece of maternity wear I ever had! It enabled me to wear most of my clothes till full term - like this top. Without the tummy band, I wouldn't be able to wear my top without my mum screaming at me "NO SHAME!!!"
Look what we dressed Isaac in for the wedding dinner? Befitting, ain't it, since it's Boxing Day! :) 2nd Day of Christmas!!! kekeke... 2 turtle doves... and a partridge in a pear tree!!!
See, the classic "Photo-taken-at-the-wedding-with-everyone-but-the-bride". Yes guys, I'm Still sore about that picture you took at my wedding without me!!! ;p bleaauughhh!!! hahahha...
"Smile, Isaac!" "No no, don't smile until like that! We can't see your eyes!!!"
This here is Chloe. She likes Isaac and wants to play with him...
She actively pursued Isaac all night...
Much to his dismay!!! Isaac was actually quite stunned by her affectionate advances, and kept asking her to back off. Or rather, he went "No, no, no, dun want!!!" Go slow, Chloe! ;p
Until, of course, Isaac had competition in the form of Wei Wen... then Isaac tried to get Chloe's attention to play with him... ;p Here's the three of them playing together.
These great pix, thanks to Auntie Hweech below :)
pix above taken by Hweech on 26th December 2009
Cel & Alan's wedding!
Isaac @ 2 years and a week to 5 months

And of course, we have to have a pic of the wedding couple! :) This is the nicest one I could find off Cel's facebook! Congrats again, guys!!! :)

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