Friday, 25 December 2009

Pam-made gift for Daph!!!

It was 22 May 2009, Daph's farewell dinner, before she skipped off to London for gosh knows how long. But sorry to say, we forgot to take a group shot that night, so I have no pictures of our dear friend!

But hehehe... here are some pix (courtesy of Daph, lifted off her blog at the original post) of the farewell gift I made her! :)
This is the bag'o'games I made her - mostly print & play games - that I got off the website Print & Play meaning that the people who designed these games intended for them to be made available free to people for them to print and play. The bag above was sewn by my Myanmese helper at that time, Hser Khu.
I'd always liked craft work. So I had a blast making these games. I printed them, laminated and cut them, packaged them... was great fun!
Even compiled a booklet of the rules for each game :)
hehehe... so proud of my handiwork... hahahahhaa...

And here's Isaac practicing his jumps!

pix taken on 22nd May 2009
Isaac @ 20 months plus

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