Monday, 28 December 2009

National Day weekend at Marina Mandarin

Guess where we spent National Day weekend? At Marina Mandarin! Ziyang, Charlene's Daddy, had chanced upon a National Day weekend special for a 2 night stay at Marina Mandarin for only about $280 for 2 nights in all. Breakfast not included, but still a steal! In keeping with my mum's tradition where she's take photos of the hotel room, here are some room pix. It was a decent sized room and all, not like the smallest or crappiest in the hotel or anything like that.
And guess what, it even had a balcony with a view of the IR-to-be and the financial district... But best of all, we had a view of the floating platform where the National Day Parade was going to be held! In other words, we'd get fantastic view of the fireworks!!! Wooohoo!!!
On Sunday morning, we went to Church of St Peter & St Paul along Queen Street. It was an old church with a traditional church architecture.
Nice pic huh, though a bit dark :)
This church is next to the old Catholic High School, where hubbs went to school.
Here's hubbs pointing out to me his old classroom! He had a fun time pointing out the places where he got up to mischief in school - like which parapets he climbed that resulted in members of the public calling the police in...
Below is a picture of one of the many cherubs that sit atop the dividing wall of the school. Bet they're all praying for better behaved boys!!!
What's Isaac doing half-naked in church? Well, this old church is non-airconditioned you see. So after our walk there, and sitting for an hour in a non-airconditioned church, we were mighty hot. Isaac was sweating buckets, and so hubbs said "Take off shirt lah!" and promptly took off Isaac's shirt!
Look at the two ah-bengs squatting by the roadside... :p
Yes, we walked all the way from Marina Mandarin to Queen Street. And so did Isaac! Or rather, he drove all the way, on his lil' car! He'd insisted on taking it along, so we allowed him to, coz he'd usually very good about it in the sense that he wouldn't abandon it halfway. We brought the stroller along just in case he did, though. But true to his word, he realy rode all the way there and back!
We all went for a dip in the hotel swimming pool as well. Might as well make use of the facilities while we were there, right?
Ah it's evening time on 9th August 2009, look at the crowds below! The big white tent is one of the entrances to enter the floating platform where the parade would be held.
We could only see from afar the floating platform, but we had a great birds eye view through the tv in the hotel room. No crowds and in the comfort of aircon too! Fireworks afterwards! wooohooo! perfect!
Kids staring at the tv. Isaac loved watched the whole parade. The morning after, he asked to watch some more! We had to resort to showing him News!Great view we had, huh. :)
pix taken on 8th & 9th August 2009
Isaac @ 2 years

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