Sunday, 27 December 2009

Eating bread

Here's Isaac eating bread. Sometimes the first thing he says in the morning is to ask for something to eat - sometimes its bread, sometimes cereal, and occassionally raisins even.
Isaac loves to eat bread. Like me! kekeke... My in laws don't give him much bread to eat - they're the very traditional porridge and rice kinda people. So Isaac actually discovered bread at my parents place. Coz the girls would eat bread, and he would want some too.
It appears, that Isaac can eat his porridge for breakfast in the morning (something my in laws ingrained in him), eat three slices of bread awhile after that, then have his lunch of porridge/rice, and three more slices of bread after that, and dinner of rice!!! Yes, and he's just two!!!
pix taken on 8th July 2009
Isaac @ 23 months old

It doesn't bother me that he eats so much, since, as they say, he's a growing boy. Plus he's not anywhere near fat at all, so I'm fine. Just don't become fat like me :p

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