Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Everyone Sing!

We went to the Da4 Jia1 Chang4 (Everyone Sing!!! hahaha or was it Sing Singapore!?) which was held at the floating platform this time round. We were there with the Chans. Incidentally, the first time we went for a Da Jia Chang was with Chan Peng & Xiaofeng too, and at that time - we just got pregnant with Isaac! So that makes it 2004 then, a good 5 years ago! Time flies!

Look what fun the Isaac and Chan Hay are having! :) They had a blast that night, though I dun think it's coz of the songs! :)

Hubbs, Chan Peng and Joe (almost forgot! Joe & Joyce were there too!) had lotsa fun that day, singing to the old songs and stuff :)

pix & vids taken on 17th October 2009
Isaac @ 2 years 2 months plus

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