Thursday, 31 December 2009

Fast friends?!

It was 31st December 2010, and we'd received an invitation from JH & WB to go their place for a gathering that night. I was rather glad to have received that sms invite from JH coz we didn't have any other plans that night, and I was truly appreciative of the chance to be able to get out of the house and meet up with some friends, something which I knew would be very difficult to do once I deliver in a week's time on 6th January 2010.
Actually the people and friends who'd be there that night were JH & WB's close friends from junior college - which neither hubbs and I attended with them - JH was my best friend from uni. It occurred to me that that's how close friends were - coz once you're close friends with someone, you knew all HER other close friends too! It was just like how JH knew who all my JC friends were.
Eh? Who's this other boy in the pictures, you might ask? It's our friend Xinrui's boy, Jaycee. Xinrui is JH's best friend from JC :) Jaycee is the same age as Isaac, I think he's a month younger or something like that. Memory is failing me!!!
The two boys were the only kids at the place that night. So they played together some. Or rather, they played alongside each other, bonded by their love of Thomas the Engine :p
Hubbs played with them, and then there was this movie playing on tv - the title escapes me now, but it was a B-grade movie that had lots of dinosaurs - think it was Godzilla or something like that. For a moment we wondered if it was one of the Jurassic Parks coz there were so many dinosaur-like creatures running about, but think it was Godzilla. Anyway, it certainly got the attention of the boys.
And so I was chatting with the rest, when we turned around and saw this sight! Both boys sitting on hubbs' lap, all three engrossed in the show! :) Isaac & Jaycee were playing really well together and here they were sitting together on hubbs' lap! haha!
pix taken on 31 December 2009
Isaac @ 2 years and a week to 5 months
Jaycee @ approximately the same age as Isaac :)

I think I had mentioned before how Isaac seems to have an affinity with some kids and not others, much like how we adults can clique with someone but not some others. This was one perfect example. It was the first time that Isaac and Jaycee had met each other - but immediately, they took to each other well - no snatching, nice sharing, no jealousy... nice!

Again, it was great that the kids that Isaac had a natural affinity to - were very nice kids! :) Jaycee was one of the sweetest kids we'd ever met! :)

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