Wednesday, 16 December 2009

He Who Laughs - laughs a lot!

The name Isaac means "He Who Laughs" and he really does laugh quite a lot! :) Since birth, Isaac has always been pretty smiley, and would laugh quite a lot.
Of course, now into his terrible twos - tantrums and whining have taken up some of his laughing time. But generally, he's still pretty smiley and laughy.
I love to take pictures of Isaac laughing. It just makes you so happy to see him laugh, isn't it?
We were playing Hats Off with him, then my sister-in-law somehow tickled his funny bone and amused him by launching the little cones at him.
It amused us to see him laugh so she kept on doing it while I took pictures and caught the video below. Enjoy!

pix & vid taken on 24th January 2009
Isaac @ 17 months plus

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