Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Isaac and his shades

pic taken on 30th September 2009
Isaac @ a week to 2 years 2 months

Isaac loves his shades. He calls it his "glasses" or his "spectacles". Coz both hubbs and I wear specs, Isaac often wants to imitate everything we do, including wearing glasses. So thankfully, we have this pair of sunglasses for him, so when he wants to wear specs like us, we put this on him.

Of course, being the sun-phobic him, he also uses the sunglasses for it's very purpose - as sunglasses. We have to constantly remember to ensure that his sunglasses are in the car, otherwise he'd have a meltdown when he wants them and they're not there.

We've had a lot of compliments for this pair of sunglasses - people say it looks nice, looks cool. Hehehehe... of course... I choose one mah!!! HAHAHAHA...

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