Friday, 18 December 2009

Isaac @ Eng Kong playground

Since my mum came back from USA in November 2008, we sent Isaac to Eng Kong for 2 days a week, for the whole day. Wanted Isaac to bond with my parents more, especially since now my mum has the capacity to look after Isaac since the girls are in Stanford.
Also, my in laws have been taking care of Isaac since I went back to work 12 weeks after he was born. So, think they needed a bit of a break also.
Besides, my mum was only back for a few months - she'd be going back to Stanford to help out my sis with the girls after Chinese New Year. (My sister's mother-in-law is there to help her while my mum is back in Singapore - take turns! haha!)
So, we took this opportunity to give Isaac some one-on-one attention from my mum during this period of time. Think it really matters. They were pretty close after Isaac spent some time with her alone by the end of this period.
Here are pix and vids of Isaac enjoying himself at the playground near my parents place :)

pix & vids above taken on 3rd February 2009
Isaac @ three days to 18 months

vid above taken on 1st February 2009
Isaac @ five days to 18 months

Vid above was taken in our church canteen - Isaac swinging himself on the bar. Typical boy behaviour, I guess! :p

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