Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Isaac & Natalie

Isaac & Natalie. Cousins. Born (three days less) than 3 months apart. They love each other, most of the time. Hahahahahahaha...
Why I say that is coz... They both love to play with each other. And when they're apart, they would constantly talk about the other. Natalie with her "Where is Isaac kor kor?" and Isaac with his "... just like Isaac and Bei Bei (Natalie)." ... But playing together, they'd inevitably sometimes fight with each other over toys and stuff. Snatch things from each other etc...
Sometimes, we would ask Isaac, "You want to go and find Bei Bei or not?" and he would say "Dun want." But then we can see the interest in his eyes, and when he does meet Natalie, they'd have a ball playing together.
On CNY 2nd day, we went to my sister's place for dinner and took a walk around the estate after the meal. Isaac and Natalie were holding hands and happily walking. Then Isabelle, as usual, very kar cheow one, came from behind them and went to drag Natalie by pulling her shirt. Natalie protested loudly and Isaac too, started to 'beat away' Isabelle's hands saying "No! No! Don't pull Bei Bei!". Hahhahaa... I thought that was nice :)
Our relatives often comment that Natalie looks exactly like my sister when my sister was young. And they also remark that Isaac looks exactly like me (! yes I looked like a boy, apparently!) when I was young.
And when we were young, people could hardly tell we were sisters, everyone says we don't look alike. Well, if we'd been born at about the same time, this is what we'd have looked like standing side by side - very different! hahaha...

pix above taken on 1st October 2009
Isaac @ 2 years and almost 2 months
The pictures below were uploaded by mistake. They were from a year ago. Thought I'd leave them here, coz I thought it provided a great contrast - look how much Isaac has grown in a year! Kids really grow so quickly!

This lady is our Malay neighbour, we call her Auntie, and Isaac calls her Nek Nek (Malay for Grandma - not sure if I spelt it correctly though!). We like to spend time with our Malay neighbours coz they're really nice.

This time, they had a hamster and were using it to get Isaac's attention. Isaac enjoyed looking at the hamster while they had it. One time, he even tried to get into the cage to be with the hamster! :)

three pix above taken on 9th Oct 2008
Isaac @ 14 months


  1. I have not read your blog for the longest time. And did not realise you were posting so many articles so regularly. It's such a good thing to chronicle your kids' lives. I wished I had the discipline to do it.
    It was great to see the pics of the cousins playing together. I realise that I haven't been taking as many pics as I should of them. Good thing that you are capturing these precious moments. :)

  2. Haha I dun think I am taking pix as often as I should of them playing together. Really should make it a point to do so. We'd take more every Friday then :)


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