Thursday, 31 December 2009

It's Christmas time again!

It's Chrismas time and so the Chanders are back in town again! Yay! :) The boys look all grown up, and now there's little Caitlin too! The cuzzies managed to arrange for a high tea session at the Goodwood Park Hotel where we managed to catch up (a bit!) with the Chanders...
These pix, taken in church after Christmas Day mass. From left to right: Jarrod 6+, Caitlin 9 mths, Zachary 3+, Isaac 2+, Isabelle 4+ and Rebecca 6+. Natalie's not in the picture coz she was cranky and would let go of her Mummy to be in the pic.
pix taken on 25th December 2009

As usual, the hols were over all too soon, and the Chanders had to fly back to Australia again. They missed the birth of the twins by all of 2 days! dang! But they did catch the birth of Daylin! :)

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