Thursday, 24 December 2009

Learning alphabets

After yet another disastrous hair-cutting - here's Isaac with his sides cut short, but hair on top. I insisted on the hair on top coz I didn't wanna shave him botak every time - which was what hubbs wanted.

But coz he kept crying and struggling, I couldn't do the cut properly and so he ended up with a mop of hair on top that was kinda crude at the sides. Ah well.

Here we are waiting for our dinner to be served, after church one evening. hubbs is entertaining Isaac by writing alphabets on the notepad and asking him what they are. We found out that that amused Isaac greatly and was an activity that he enjoyed. So quite by accident, that was how Isaac started learning his alphabets. Accidentally! ;p
pix & vid taken on 26th April 2009
Isaac @ 20 months plus

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