Thursday, 31 December 2009

Natalie's birthday - 3rd November 2009

It was Natalie's birthday on 3rd November 2009, Tuesday. As Becca's birthday is on the 12th November, we were going to have a birthday party for the girls on 7th November 2009, a Saturday. Becca was going to have her school mates and friends invited and my sister had planned a slew of games and stuff for the kids. Faboo!
So on Natalie's actual day birthday, we just had a simple celebration at Eng Kong. My sister got these mini-cakes for the kids.My sister bought the cakes, but it was Natalie who chose them! :) According to my sis, she went with Natalie to the cakeshop, and they spotted those mini-cakes there in the fridge display. Natalie saw them and went "Pooh Bear for Bei Bei (herself!), Princess for Isabelle, Minnie Mouse for Becca, and Spiderman for Isaac!"
Apparently there was a Spiderman with a blue background and a Spiderman with a pink background. The shop lady took the pink background one and Natalie quickly protested: "No, no, Isaac wants the blue Spiderman one!" hahaha...

It was a simple celebration that night. But you can tell how much fun the kids had with the cakes and all.

pix taken on 3rd November 2009
Isaac @ 2 years coming 3 months
Natalie @ exactly 2 years
Isabelle @ 4 plus
Rebecca @ coming 6 years old

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  1. Don't know that our daughters have the same name. Ha.Ha.Ha.
    Data base still running in Pentum era....

    Desmond (kiang x 2)


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