Sunday, 27 December 2009

Old car - New car

This maroonish-red Mitsubishi Lancer was our 1st car. We bought it when we found out we were pregnant with Isaac. We'd always maintained that we wouldn't get a car, till we had kids. But when we got pregnant, I managed to persuade hubbs to buy it while I was still pregnant, so that we could enjoy our remaining couplehood/pre-child days with the car, rather than relegate it to mere shuttling of the baby after the baby was born :) Happy to say we didn't regret this decision.
We were very fond of this car. It was fuel efficient, kept us safe, and served us well. Plus we got it for a steal at $46k only, considering it was made in Japan.
However, in July 2009, when we realised that we were gonna have twins... It was clear that we had to change cars... This car would never fit us all!
So we went car shopping, and ended up with this navy blue Honda Freed 8-seater, for $70k inclusive of COE. And 26th July 2009 was the day our Big Blue Car (as it is known to Isaac) came, and we had to say goodbye to our Red Car. Goodbye, and thank you very much, Red Car!!!
pix taken on 26th July 2009
Isaac @ 23 months plus

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