Sunday, 27 December 2009

Playing with the girls

One of Isaac's favourite activities by far - playing with his cousins!!! :)
Natalie and Isaac enjoy playing together. Sure, they fight and snatch too, but they enjoy each other's company and would miss the other if they didn't see each other for too long :)
Isaac would miss Isabelle & Becca too. Whenever we read any books and there are a number of characters, Isaac would name them after himself and his three cousins. Oh and also after his cousins Jarrod and Zachary - my cousin's sons.

At the time when we took these vids. We had just found out that we were expecting twins. We adults just sat on the sofa and watched them play. Then someone said... "By next year, there'd be six!" hahahaha...

pix & vids taken on 10th July 2009
Isaac @ 23 months
Natalie @ 20 months
Isabelle @ 4 years
Becca @ 6 years

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