Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Progress of the twins

I was just thinking of the twins' pregnancy update post I did a week plus back, and realised it was just that - an update of my pregnancy, and all my complains about my physical condition. I'd forgotten to update on the progress of the twins themselves.

Well, despite all my complains about the aches and pains and numbness, I'm happy to announce that the twins have been growing very well - which was why I was plagued with all those complaints - coz the twins were gaining weight well.

So I must say, overall, I am very pleased that they are growing well. What's a bit of aching so long as they grow well, right? :)

The twins have always been of a pretty good weight. All along, they are roughly the size of what a singleton would be should I have been carrying one only. In other words, I literally had 2 singletons in me.

Let me try and roughly outline their weight growth. Dates are gynae visit dates, and week is approx week of pregnancy at the time of gynae visit.

25th week (13th Oct 09) - Est weight approx 700 g each
29th week (10th Nov 09) - Est weight approx 1.4 kg each
32th week (1st Dec 09) - Est weight 1.5 kg and 1.8 kg
34th week (18th Dec 09) - Est weight 2.4 kg and 2.5 kg

At the week 25 visit, Dr Ang was like saying in a negative tone that the weights of the babies are both the size of a singleton each. We were confused by the negative tone and said:"But it's good that they are growing well, right?" She was like:"Yes, but I am afriad if they continue growing at that rate, your body would not be able to take it, and your body will want to deliver early!" Well, in other words, I think she's afraid I'd burst. hahahaha...

According to www.babycenter.com, at 34 weeks, a singleton would weigh about 4 and three quarters of a pound (approx 2.15kg). And the twins are already estimated at 2.4 kg and 2.5kg - woah! they're bigger than singletons at that stage in pregnancy!

Well it certainly is a relief to know that they should be well over 2 kg each now - coz we just found out that so long as the babies are above 2 kg each at birth, they don't have to stay in ICU. phew!

So I would say the kids have been very well behaved - I have been telling them to grow well and their mummy me, would just hold them all. Though of late, I have been telling them to talk to my body and make sure my body can hold them. Hahaha...

All along I have been telling them that we shall aim for 3 kg for each of them. That would be a good weight, yah? But dunno if my body can take it. Well, we only have about 3 weeks to go before our scheduled c-section date of 6th Jan 2010 which signals the end of 37th week. So, keep us in your prayers, and pray that I don't burst before that, yah?! :)

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