Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Regina's baptism

It's 28th Feb 2009. - the day of Regina's baptism. Regina's Isaac's Godsister.
Attending Regina's baptism reminded us of Isaac's baptism :) and how he kept crying that day! hahaha...

On the contrary, you can see Isaac here, happily walking along the pews, in a perfectly fine mood.
At his favourite haunt, the baptismal font! Playing with holy water, tsk tsk...
And then when it's time for pictures...
Isaac cries. sighz.
Here're the Catholic High School boys and their offspring :) have come a long way since O Levels, huh ;)
More Catholic High alumni! We're in a dilemma. We don't know if we should send Isaac to Catholic High for his primary school. Entry is a given since hubbs is an old boy. But then, it's so far away from our Jurong West! I didn't want Isaac to have to spend 3 hours a day traveling to and fro.
But it is a good school, and if we wanted any other school, we might have a problem with gaining admission etc. No, I don't want to move to Bishan. The closest compromise I'd move to, I told hubbs, is Bukit Timah. Sigh. Well, we have a bit of time to decide I guess... we'd see...
That's me Pamela and my Isaac, and Pamela and her Regina. That's right! Isaac's Godma is called Pamela too! :) Pamela's are nice!!! kekekeke... at least, WE ARE!!! hahahaha...

pix & vid taken above on 28th February 2009
Isaac @ 18 months plus

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