Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Swimming @ Jurong West

Would you believe it? Isaac has been wearing this swim suit since he was 6 months old! :)We have to hide the swim suit from him - coz if he sees it, he would bug us to bring him swimming.

Our destination today - Jurong West swimming complex! It's a public pool, but we like it coz it's nice! :) hehehe...
Look at the long blue slide!!! I have never gone on it, coz I was pregnant with Isaac when we first came to this pool. So I couldn't. And then after I delivered Isaac, I somehow wasn't so keen to go on it anymore. Motherhood changes you, in more ways than one. Hubbs says it's a great slide though, that. Well, another time, perhaps.
As you can tell - Isaac loves the water!

pix & vid taken on 29th March 2009
Isaac @ a week to 20 months

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