Wednesday, 16 December 2009

TV boy!

Look at my Isaac. Entranced by the tv...
Guess that's pretty normal for kids, to like to watch tv. We delayed Isaac from watching tv for as long as we could. We refused to dump him in front of the tv, preferring instead to talk to him and play with him instead.
In any case, the few occasions where we let him watch tv, it didn't seem to hold his attention for long... that is... until he was about 12 months old. There was no stopping him by then, he knew how to "watch tv" by then.
But it was enough for us, that we at least delayed his tv addition till he was at least one year old. Thereafter, since we couldn't stop him from wanting to watch tv (especially at my in laws place, coz THEY watch tv, a lot!) - I started to get Isaac a whole assortment of cartoons, kids programmes, and educational programmes for him to watch. If we couldn't control the number of hours, we could at least control the content, right?
At home, we hardly watch tv. So Isaac does not have the habit of watching tv at home. We only watch movies on our home theatre system, so Isaac can sit through a movie with us kekeke... Most of the time, we talk to Isaac, read books, play boardgames with him, rough play with him, go for walks downstairs, go swimming... There's hardly a need to watch tv. Which we didn't have a set at home anyway. Haha
pix taken on 23rd January 2009
Isaac @ 17 months plus
Still, guess there's no stopping this TV thing, since he is at my in laws place most of the time. Ah well... what to do...

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