Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Villa Paletti

This is yet another game of ours that Isaac enjoys. We haven't exactly played it proper - as in, with the proper game rules etc. But Isaac loves stacking the rods high. And the proper game entails balancing and careful placements and movements as well - I figured we'd have lots of time to play the game proper in future. See these columns - Isaac stacked them himself. Of course, in the beginning, it was hubbs who taught him how to do it. And guided him a little. But he got the hang of it after awhile and loved to stack them. Plus he could do them all by himself!
This was not only good training for his motor skills, but also for his patience, and perseverance. I must say he does pretty well in all these aspects, except when he sometimes gets frustrated hahaha... see vids!

pix & vids taken on 9th March 2009
Isaac @ 19 months

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