Saturday, 26 December 2009

Visit from the Chans

Hubbs and I have never been very 'Orchard Road' people. Even before we had kids, we would enjoy meeting up with friends over the weekend for a meal outside, or just to chill out and chit chat at their place or ours. So when we had Isaac, we just did more of the same! Except that we mostly went to friends place or they ours, rather than eat out at restaurants.
So this time, the Chans came to visit. And Isaac had a good time playing with Chan Hay :) He loves playing with older kids, and would generally mimic whatever they did.

Chan Hay was one of those kids that Isaac had "chemistry" with - as in, they could play well together - he wouldn't mind sharing toys and there wouldn't be any snatching and hence no crying. Thankfully, as it was with Charlene, Chan Hay is well behaved! :)

pix & vid taken on 13th June 2009
Isaac @ 20 months plus

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