Friday, 18 December 2009

We bought a bicycle... from Texas, USA!

Yes, did I mention in my many USA posts that we bought a bicycle in Texas, USA? Well actually, to be exact, hubbs did. We were in Austin, Texas, you see - the hometown of Lance Armstrong - the cyclist. So there were many good bike shops there, and the prices were cheaper there than compared to Singapore too. So naturally... guess what happened?! We bought a bike! hahahhaa... Orginally, we wanted to carry the bike back home ourselves, check it in as a piece of luggage (see the big brown box in the background?). However, thanks to my own boardgame purchases (I ordered a lot online and sent them to my sister's place), we had quite a lot of luggage to lug back already. Thus, thankfully, hubbs' friend Zhenguo agreed to bring it back for us when he came back to Singapore for Chinese New Year. So... hubbs was eagerly awaiting CNY... and it's not for the joy of giving ang pows...
So on the 2nd Day of CNY, after Isaac slept, we took out the pieces of the bicycle and set to work putting it together. Hehehe... I must claim credit that I was instrumental in helping hubbs put the bike together. He has the brawn... I have the... kekeke... fill in the blanks yourself. HAHHAHA...
pix taken on 27 Jan 2009

See how proud he is of his bike :) It is very nice, I must say. Hubbs started being "into" marathons when I was pregnant with Isaac, and now, he is into triathlons as well. Yes, hence the bike. Keeps him fit, I suppose. And a healthy pastime to have - so long as he doesn't fall dead on me :(

I'd been bugging him to get a full body check up for the longest time... and finally, only like a month ago did he get it done. Well, good news is that his health seems to be in perfect condition. The bad news is that I now I have no reason not to let him participate in his many triathlons and whatnot. Sigh. One can't help getting worried seeing all those newspaper reports of how people just fall dead after exercising, right? So scary! But hubbs claims he knows how to not push his body too hard etc etc... well, I certainly hope so!!!

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