Friday, 25 December 2009

We're getting old!!!

Even though I've been a mummy for coming to 3 years, it's still quite something to realise that I'm actually a parent. And it only really hits home when you see your own peers, having kids of their own and being a parent themselves.

Here's me and Ailing and Weiling. We're uni friends, and I've known Weiling since we were 13. And now, suddenly, we were hitting 30 and mothers already (Ailing is now the proud mother of lil' Jairus! :p ).

pix taken on 3rd May 2009
Isaac @ three days to 20 months

And it's not just us, it's everyone our age. Facebook helps a lot in this aspect - as in, realising that everyone has kids now coz the evidence is in all their photos. I get in touch with long lost secondary school friends through FB and we never fail to exclaim "Can't believe we're mothers now!".

Yet, it's very heartwarming to see we've all grown up and come so far. We talk about different things now, mostly about babies, but it has brought a new closeness to us all, having a common experience in being mothers.

It's even brought me closer to my own mother, in a way, coz now I understand her better! hahaha... sigh, I really hope not to have retribution come the kidzes' teenage years. hubbs assures me that it's bound to happen. Am so NOT looking forward to that!!!

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