Thursday, 31 December 2009

YellowCube gathering

We had been out of action on the Playback Theatre front for a long time. Stopped since I delivered Isaac. Wow, that's like coming to three years already. Despite this, we're still firm friends with our YellowCube Playback group members. So now and then, we'd have a gathering. The gathering, this time round, took place on 28th November 2009, at Jo's place. Was very nice of him to host us again. We kinda practically forced him into it, coz his house was most central being in Bt Timah. We weren't keen on travelling to Ruth's Punggol place, and think the rest weren't keen in coming all the way to our Jurong West again. So Bt Timah was a just compromise :p
As you can tell, we'd forgotten to take a group pic. Sighz. In fact, the only pix we had are those Angie took of Isaac! (there were many of Isaac and his foot!). I simply must remind myself to be more assertive and proactive in taking pictures. I find that nowadays, people tend to be very paiseh about taking pix. Perhaps they don't want to appear narcissisitc or something.
pix taken on 28th November 2009, by Angeline Cheong
Isaac @ 2 years abuot a week to 4 months

We kinda miss playback, a lot. But with the twins now, we know it's kinda impossible to do playback at the moment. We simply don't have the time nor the energy. But, we can see Isaac's growing bigger and we're gradually playing simplified theatre warmups, or theatre games with him. So we have hope in our hearts. We're looking forward to do playback theatre with our kids! yes!!! :) How nice, that would be!

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