Monday, 25 January 2010

Playing catch up!

I'm talking about me actually - well, me and the blog. hahaha...

Yes, in my unrelenting pursuit to try and catch up on blogging before the twins arrive, I have decided that I shall back date my posts. Looking back at where I left off, I was almost done with February 2009, and had March 2009 to December 2009 to catch up on.

Thus, I decided that I would post all March 2009 posts on 23 December 2009, April 2009 posts on 24 December 2009, and so forth, with November & December 2009 posts all on 31 December 2009. This way, I keep my 'promise' to catch up on blogging before the twins were born! CHEAT!!! hahahaha...

But because the new posts would not appear at the top of the blog, I will just blog a new post that would indicate that there are new posts below... confused? Nevermind! Just go read them new posts!!! kekeke...

Either, scroll down this page till you find the posts dated 23 December 2009... OR see these links below... (scrolling down is easier...) (just trying to show off the number of posts I have made! kekeke...)

Swimming @ Jurong West
Gathering at Mui Chin's place
Games Day!
At the zoo again!
Villa Paletti
Isaac & E.T. - March 2009
Water fun @ IMM
Blowing bubbles!
The 18th month jab
The weekday routine
The $300 Cars playmat
Go Away, Monster!
Regina's baptism

See!!! I'm really serious about catching up on blogging!!! :)


  1. i've read all! In fact, if there's no time, then loads of pix with captions would do the trick! By the way, i can't see the video for the "18th month jab" entry, tried a few times it keeps telling me that the video is not available at the moment. Not sure why will try again tomorrow!!

  2. hehehe my loyal supporter! ardent fan! you good! hahaha... Hmmmm will check out the 18th month jab movie clip and see wassup...


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