Saturday, 6 February 2010

1 month old!

The twins are 1 month old today!!! Hurrah!!! Quick re-cap - who is this below??? Asher! And who is this below???
Shawna! Piece of cake yah?! hahahhaa... Now to reward you, I have caught Asher in a compromising position below for your viewing pleasure!
HAHAHAHA... The neck hole of this particular sleep suit is very big, so his arm kinda slipped out of it... Ain't it hilarious?! hahahhaa...
And here's pictures of Shawna with her eyes open...
And her lovely smile! Shawna is very smiley, more so than Asher. It has been tough trying to capture their smiles on camera though!
Who's who? :) I've been breastfeeding them using a breastfeeding pillow - My Brest Friend - which is meant for one baby. I found out that there's actually a breastfeeding pillow meant for twins, and promptly bought it online. Sent it to my dear friend Ian, in California, as he has so kindly agreed to bring it back for me. Can't wait to get it!
[Asher above, Shawna below] And now below, are picture of Asher with his eyes open.
It would appear that his double eyelids are "internal" as well. Which means that, out of the three of them, all have double eyelids, but only Shawna's is "external" and hence more obvious.
Can you see the shadow of the dimple in the pic above? Been trying to catch Asher in a picture with his dimples, but seeing it is rare enough, much less capturing it on film! Here he is smiling below though :)
I like this shot - with Shawna looking at the camera :)
And here's our big kor kor Isaac, taking a picture with Asher. Isaac likes to ask us to let him carry the babies, so we would sit him down and sorta place the baby in his arms.
Ah! Starting early, here is Isaac challenging Asher to arm wrestling!!! Not!!! hahahaha shaking hands was what they were doing, as I did not want Isaac to touch Asher's eyes - something which he likes to do.
I like this pic below too. Shawna in a brooding, intense look...

Who's who???Asher left & Shawna right...
Ah yes, another smiley picture of Asher... smiling to himself after drinking milk...
The kidzes have grown quite a bit this past month. Especially Asher who now looks larger than Shawna. The two pix below were just taken last night.
I recall how my mother commented that the kidzes' face was the size of her palm, when they were born. Now I look at them, Asher's face is the size of my whole hand - palm & fingers!
This morning, my liberation day, we brought the kidzes out for a walk downstairs.
We were supposed to bring them for a walk around the block, and say stuff like "Be good babies... Grow big and well like this huge tree here... Be hardy like the green cow grass that pops up everywhere... Float like a cadillac, sting like a beemer..." ya know, things like that.
Kinda silly superstitious stuff. But ah well, it was relatively harmless and not much out of the way to please the old folks, so what the heck. I needed out of the house anyway. Can't believe I've been confined for a month!Ah, this pic - I just took and uploaded. See, Asher looks much taller than Shawna now, doesn't he? He was actually born 1 cm shorter than she was. It's very gratifying to know that I have been their sole source of nourishment, and that they're doing well on it :) Stay tuned, to watch them grow!pix above taken between 15th January and 6th February 2010
Isaac @ 2 and a half years old
Asher & Shawna @ less than a month

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  1. Congrats! They look very cute, especially the one with Shawna smiling so sweetly. My parents kept thinking they look very alike (through the photos that Matthew showed them), but I think it is rather easy to identify them.

    Hope to see them soon!


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