Thursday, 18 February 2010

FAQ: How's Isaac taking it?

My Isaac! :) At exactly 2 and a half years old on the day that the twins were born, most people say that he "looks very different" - from what? I don't know. I am guessing from the many months ago, coz I'm so behind in my blogging.
I guess he does look kinda different, afterall, he's all grown up now. Big boy! :)
So everyone's been asking: "How's Isaac taking it? How's he reacting to the twins? Is he J(ealous)???
Well naturally, he is a little J(ealous). Afterall, he had our 100% attention previously, but now that's kinda watered down. But yet in a way, we pay more attention to him now more than ever before.
Hubbs would often bring Isaac out with him alone, to give me some breathing space. And when Isaac is home, he'd want a lot of my attention, so I give it to him as much as I can, and more intensely so...
Meaning, he gets loads more hugs, kisses and snuggles more than ever before... So I wouldn't say we're neglecting him at all! Though I guess Isaac might beg to differ. I guess, it's not so much that he doesn't get the same or less quantity of attention from us, but rather the difference is that now he doesn't get our attention IMMEDIATELY.
So, when Isaac is in a cranky mood, and he sees me feeding Asher or Shawna, he would insist that it's his turn right now! to be carried. He would refuse to wait. He'd ask me continously:"Mummy, are you done yet?" "Mummy, are you done yet?" "Mummy, are you done yet?" and when I say No... he'd go "yes! Mummy IS done! Mummy IS done! Now, Isaac's turn!!!"

But if he's in a good mood, he'd be very good about waiting for his turn to be carried. He would tell me "wait awhile, right? Asher/Shawna is drinking milk..."
But to the twins, he's been very good. He would sayang them by stroking their heads and I have not seen him intentionally hit them before. When we first came back from the hospital, whenever Isaac heard the babies cry, he would stop whatever he was doing and say "Ooops! Babies crying!" and he would run into the room to look at the babies.
During Chinese New Year, when relatives ask Isaac whether they could bring the babies home with them, Isaac would shake his head and say "No." or he would reply "No, babies is mine!". I was really amused and relieved when I heard him say that :) I guess deep inside, I was afraid he'd want to 'get rid' of the babies.
Yesterday, I was feeding Shawna, and Asher was in another room. Asher started crying, but no one attended to him, coz they thought it was Shawna who was crying, and they knew I was with Shawna. No one but Isaac. Isaac ran into the room, climbed onto the bed to be next to Asher, and he held Asher's hand, to comfort him. hubbs saw.
Overall, Isaac's taking it alright I guess, and he's been a great kor kor, and we constantly tell him so. Hubbs told him last night "Isaac, that was very nice of you to hold Asher's hand and take care of him coz he was crying."
When Isaac is patient and would wait for me to be done with feeding the twins, I would tell him "Thank you Isaac, for being patient and waiting till Mummy is done with feeding Asher/Shawna. You are a very good kor kor..."
I guess in time, he'd take to the twins even better. Especially when they can walk and talk and be his henchmen! :) In the meantime, we'd have to try our best to address his insecurity, and pray that it goes away real quickly!
pix above taken in January 2010
Isaac @ 2 and a half years

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