Monday, 1 February 2010

Gross you out!

hahaha! This Monday morning, I am going to gross you out!!! Why?!?! Coz I can!!! hahahaha... Well, you've seen my humongous tummy pre-delivery of the kidzes. Well, here's my tummy approximately 2 weeks after the delivery...
Looks like a volcano crater, doesn't it?! upon closer inspection, it's really as though my skin's like the earth's crust that split in a shift of the fault lines. hahaha...

My tummy was really hard to live with after the delivery - it was flopping around like a balloon filled with water. My tummy muscles felt very sore and flopped-around. The hospital issued a tummy binder that was supposed to help hold my floppy tummy in place, but guess my tummy was so huge that the binder didn't make as much difference as it should have.
On the day I was discharged from hospital, we bought another tummy binder from the hospital and I wore both together. Thus, all the way from just below my wound (at the bikini line) to just below my busts, I would have to wear the 2 tummy binders.

I'd never thought I'd say this, but I felt so much better with the 2 tummy binders holding my tummy in place - in my body, where they belong, instead of hanging out like a saggy balloony thingy. So two weeks on, we have this crater like thing which we thought was quite incredible - that the human skin could stretch and contract like that. I only hope that it continues to improve and I end up with a decent tummy!
pix taken on 23rd January 2009


  1. You're a brave woman, and I hope this doesn't scare women into not having babies. My sister complained about how her tummy looked after the birth of Joshua because she was huge then.

    Well, twenty years down the road, you can hopefully show these photos to Asher and Shawna to educate them about the sacrifices you made.

  2. Considering you just had twins - nope... not scary at all!

    Mine just stayed big - so no wrinkles! hehehe...


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