Thursday, 11 March 2010

Of boys and girls...

Gain weight!!! No, not me (I hope not!) - it's the twins. Sigh, how I wish I can like directly transfer my weight to the twins. Especially Shawna, she's not gaining weight well. Says the paediatrician (pd) when we brought Asher & Shawna for their jabs on Monday.

Remember sometime back I was telling you their weight? Well...

As at 18 February 2010 (~ 6 weeks old)
Asher - 5.1 kg
Shawna - 4.6 kg

As at 8 March 2010 (~ 9 weeks old)
Asher - 5.6 kg (58.5 cm)
Shawna - 4.7 kg (55 cm)

Shawna had only gained 100 grammes compared to Asher who gained 500 grammes! Sigh! pd says Asher's weight gain is good and he's probably about 90th percentile. But for Shawna, her weight gain is not ideal, which pd says should be about 300 grammes. She says "It's not time to panic yet, but we have to watch Shawna and make sure she puts on more, coz if she continues at this rate, it's not good."

AHHHH!!!! PANIC!!!! AHHHH!!! My little girl!!!! She's too LITTLE!!!!! AHHHH!!!

Why like that huh?!

Well, Asher does drink twice as often as Shawna. He's Mr Two Hour Boy - he wants to drink every 2 hours. Usually I am more than happy to let him suckle coz my breasts are quite full - sigh - then again, think perhaps my breasts feel full coz he suckles every 2 hours!

Shawna... she doesn't suckle as well. She sucks with a "zuk zuk zuk" sound, which she's not supposed to. Plus she regurgitates or spits up milk pretty easily. Then I realised that she has the symptoms of 'reflux'. Sighz. Suffice to say, I don't think very much stays in her tummy even if it gets in there. Ms Shallow Stomach is what I call her - that's what the confinement nanny called her condition - "shallow stomach"

Also, Shawna doesn't seem to really want to drink. Like, she's not a clockwork every 3 hours drink, kinda baby. She can happily go on without drinking milk for quite a number of hours, without crying at all. Then we, busy with Asher, and Isaac and everything else, sometimes forgets that she hasn't drank for a long time. So, these days, I'm paying more attention to whether she has drunk or not...

Then again, pd also says it's normal for girls to be smaller, and have smaller appetite etc. I guess it just seems more apparent coz we're comparing her with Asher. Frankly, I wouldn't want her to be as big as Asher, wait later next time she fat fat how? Sigh. See how being fat has scarred me for eternity?! :p

I was just thinking... This is the difference between raising a girl and raising a boy.

Drinking milk...
Mummy: "Asher, drink slowly! Don't choke! Drink as much as you want! Don't have to drink so fast!"
Mummy: "Shawna, can you drink more? It's okay, with your Papa's genes, you won't get as fat as Mummy. Drink lah, drink more, please..."

Cutting nails...
Mummy: "Asher, stop moving, Mummy cutting your nails. STOP MOVING. Stop. Stop. Can you please stop moving! Mummy told you to stop moving ah!"
Mummy: "Shawna, Mummy cut your nails, k? Don't move. Don't move. Manicure, ok?! Manicure lah, do manicure, dun move dun move! You dun want manicure?!"

HAHHAHAHAHHAA... confessions of the mad mummy!

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