Sunday, 14 March 2010

Thaddeus Chan - 14th March 2011

Tah dah!!! Thaddeus Chan was born on 14th March 2011!!! Woooohooo!!! Congrats guys! Mummy Cecilia and Daddy Alan - welcome to parenthood!!! :)
The kidzes and I were all sick, so we couldn't go visit Cel in hospital. Now, to write this post (in May 2011!) , I have grabbed these pix off Alan's facebook account (I asked Cel for permission already, Alan!!!).
Baofen and Weiqin managed to go to the hospital to cee Cel & Thad though. Oh, did I mention that WQ was pregnant with her second kid? Blardy efficient right?! :p hahahhaa... See her "oooh-I-can't-wait-to-hold-my-second-baby-in-my-arms-just-like-I-am-holding-Cel's-cute-baby-now" face below.
Happy Daddy Alan :) Luckily he has many pix of Thad on his facebook. Cel must be too busy being a cow. I know how THAT feels!!! :p
These pix so remind me of Isaac when he was a baby! Some shots here remind me of certain of Isaac's baby pix too! :) People always say that all babies look alike. I agree! To a certain extent, they do! Especially when they're just born and during their first few weeks. But slowly, they develop their own looks and personality. It's fun watching how the kids grow! :)
pix taken in March 2011, after the 14th :)

Love this pic! :) the Daddy sleep with Baby pic. kekeke... so sweeeeeeet........ :)

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