Friday, 16 April 2010

FAQ: You're back to work ALREADY?!

You must be wondering how come these few weeks the posting has slowed down again... Well, simply put, I went back to work! So fast?! Yeah! After 12 weeks of maternity leave, I am back at work.

Wanted to take 14 weeks straight, but then due to staff movements in my department, we're kinda shorthanded, so bosses asked if I could go back after 12 weeks. So back I am. Managed to strike an agreement with boss that I'd be able to clear 2 half days or 1 full day of leave every week though. Coz if I don't I'd never be able to clear all the leave I am entitled to.

So on 1st April 2010, the start of a brand new fiscal year, and a blissfully peaceful April Fools' Day that no one screamed "April Fools!" to me... I went back to work... Not before preparing a stockpile of milk for my kidzes!!! :) Pamela Milk Industries has been revived and very busy!!! :)

Here below is the fresh (expressed breast) milk I had in fridge for them to drink...And here below is the result of 12 weeks of storage of surplus milk...
Actually there was more, but I had to give away some to make space for new milk coz this time round, we could only spare one freezer drawer for my milk storage (anyone wants to sponsor me a freezer? kekeke)
And here, is the milk that I expressed on my first day back at work! About 260ml in total per pump. So across 3 pumps, there's about 780ml of milk there :)
pix taken on 1st April 2010

Okay okay... in another post, I'd let you in on how I became a Super Cow! Step right up! step right up! Feed a baby or two?! No problem at all! Come, come, and I'd show you how!!! :) akan datang!

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