Friday, 28 May 2010

Mummy, don't bite me!

Just had this conversation with Isaac. He just woke up and I was lounging in bed with him. I usually snuggle up with him on weekend mornings when he gets up - coz he's "not fully awake" yet. I was hugging him and started to 'bite' his arms and legs... "bite" as in pretend bite, with my lips over my teeth.

Isaac: Mummy, don't bite me!
Me: But I want to bite you...
Isaac: No, Mummy, don't bite me!
Me: I want to eat you up!
Isaac: No, don't eat me up!
Me: But I'm hungry!
Isaac: No, you're not hungry!
Me: Yes, I am! I wanna eat your leg!
Isaac: No, you not! Don't eat my leg!
Me: Yes, I am! Should I eat something else?
Isaac: Yes, you should eat something else.
Me: What should I eat, then?
Isaac thinks for awhile... and says: You should eat vegetables!
Me: Really?!
Isaac: Yes eat vegetables.
Me: Do you like vegetables?
Isaac: Yes!
Me: Really!?!? (coz he doesn't like to eat vegetables!)
Isaac: Yes. (then he pulls up his pyjama pant leg, and says) Here! Eat your vegetables!!!
Me: HAHAHA (as I start to chomp on his leg!)

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