Monday, 17 May 2010

Sarong MerBabies!!!

Remember the Sarong MerBoy from 3 years ago? Hahaha... now we have the Sarong MerBabies resurfacing!!! wooohoo!!! :) that was a fun post - I enjoyed re-reading it again ;p (shameless self-promotion of my own writing).
I realised, upon reading that old post, that I never really explained why we started using the sarong. Isaac was a big baby you see. Well, I mean, he grew to be pretty big for his age when he was just a few months old. By the 2nd month, he had already more than doubled his birth weight of 3.22kg. I was breastfeeding him "on demand" you see - i.e. whenever he made so much of a sound or fussed, I'd give him the breast.

Not the best methodology - on hindsight. But at that time, it'd work and breastfeeding-on-demand was promoted by breastfeeding authorities and enthusiasts... so... *shrug* it well put me on the slippery path to being Isaac's pacifier for 2 and a half years... but, no regrets lah. It was an experience :)

So anyway, Isaac, being big as he was... by the time he was slightly more than a month old - he couldn't be 'wrapped' by those 'baby wrappers' cloth already! So we didn't wrap him like most babies are wrapped - coz the wrappers couldn't contain him!

But Isaac sorta had colic when he was 2 and 3 months old - he would cry at 7pm every night, unconsolably, till about 10pm at least. Nothing we do could pacify him, not hubbs carrying him and walking around, not music, not aircon, not even the breast. He caused us much grief indeed ;p (It's funny now, thinking back. But at that time, was quite hellish.)

We have a Malay neighbour, the auntie, she's really really nice. She started to come over in the evening to see Isaac when he starts his crying. She'd offer to take him from us for awhile, just so I can rest, and we can have our dinner in peace. It was a much needed for me as I'd been taking care of Isaac all day, alone, without help.

But the amazing thing was - Auntie had this uncanny ability to settle Isaac! She'd manage to get him to stop crying! It was very amazing. Well, it was experienced Auntie vs First Time Parents Us, but still... very steady, I tell you! (Actually, we later found out, that what really prompted Auntie to come over and takeover Isaac, is coz she couldn't bear to hear him crying and crying every evening... hahahaha... must sound like we're torturing him - when actually HE is the one torturing US!!! ;p ;p)

So it turns out that her main method of calming him down, was to wrap him. But coz all his wrappers were too small... She gave us one of her brand new sarongs - the one Asher is in (picture above). The sarong is huge, and so was perfect for wrapping Isaac in. And so the Sarong MerBoy was born. After that, we constantly wrapped Isaac during bedtime and when he fussed, and it'd almost always work in calming him down.

We're eternally grateful, Auntie!!! THANK YOU!!! ;p
pix taken on 5th March 2010
Asher & Shawna @ a day to 2 months old

So I happily took out my collection of sarongs to use for Isaac :) My precious collection of sarongs. These sarongs (you can see a variety in the Sarong MerBoy post) belonged to my Popo, my maternal grandma :)

She was a Peranakan, you see. And so she was always dressed in kebayas & sarongs. After she passed away, my aunties split up her collection of the traditional clothing amongst them. I managed to procure some pieces for myself too - being one of her favourite grandchildren helped ;p

Thus, my Popo's sarongs are put to great use here! :) The kids love them, and I love seeing them in her sarongs. And I'm sure she'd agree with me :)

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