Saturday, 8 May 2010

To buy or not to buy?

A camera! A good one! yeah a Digital SLR or whatever you call it. Problem is, am kinda lazy to learn to use one. But then Hweech says it's very easy to pick up, and I'd always been more technically (or technologically? hmmm...) inclined - so if she says it's easy, I should be able to handle it, right? Look at all the pictures in this post - most if not all, look great! Hweech took them - except those that she's in, of course. But then, she is modest and says that it's the camera that makes the pix look great and not her photography skills. Well, a modest craftsman praises his tools, I always say.
Here she is, Auntie Hweech & little Shawna. But these pix and more that I have seen, are really making me consider getting a DSLR. Also, lately, when I take pictures using my camera, I've been getting more and more dissatisfied with them. Dunno why. Last time not so bad leh.
Nice pix of Irene & Cel. This was a farewell gathering for Cel & Alan before they head off to China where Alan's gonna work and Cel's gonna tai tai. Silly billies skipped off without even smsing us goodbye - luckily we managed to squeeze in this gathering before they left.
Coming back to my camera... so how? Buy or don't buy? Hmmm... It has actually been at the back of my mind for quite awhile. But recently something happened which made me seriously consider getting a new camera... We almost lost our camera.

Yes, thanks to hubbs. Again ;p He was gonna bring Isaac to the playground, so I'd asked him to bring the camera along to take pictures of Isaac as we'd not have pix taken of him in awhile. So hubbs brought the camera along, came home, and he only remembered that the first thing he did when he came back, was to carry Shawna, and both his hands were empty.
Try as I might, questioning him, to see if he could remember where he last saw the camera, where he left it, etc... he couldn't recall. He kinda insisted that he didn't leave the camera at the playground, but yet he couldn't say for sure if he brought it back (so contradicting, right?!).

Sighing in my heart, I prepared myself for the worst case possibility that the camera was left behind at the playground. I couldn't blame hubbs, I blamed myself. I should have known better than to ask him to bring the camera along. Those of you who know hubbs would know what I mean - he has such a high tendency of losing stuff! Wallets, identity cards, cameras, and lately even the twins' birthcerts - he'd accidentally left them behind at a government body's counter. *FAINT* that's hubbs for you. For me ;p
So, which was why I was seriously entertaining thoughts of getting the DSLR since it seemed like I'd need to get a camera anyway. Heart itchy itchy... Quite an investment though, think it's like a thousand bucks or something. But then again, I love taking pix of the kidzes... and if I wanted to get one and learn to use one, I might as well do it asap so that I can start taking nice pix of the kidzes, right? (Do not disturb - self-psychoing in process...)
See! Nice pictures, yah?! Hahaha or maybe it's coz I look more than half decent in these pix ;p
Crazy shot below - the mum gone nuts!
I'd smsed my mum to check if the camera was in the house - but she'd replied that she didn't see it anywhere. I was even thinking of driving back during lunch, to check with the coffeeshop near the playground to see if anyone had returned the camera. I had pix in it that I hadn't downloaded... so... well, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?
That's Asher and I above and us with Irene :) Think Shawna was sleeping by then, which explains why the subsequent pix are all of Asher... But guess what?! On Friday night, my mummy called to say that she found the camera! It was on the elephant seat just outside the front door!!! Woohoo!!! Fantastic! I could get back the pix now, and best of all the camera! It's never a nice feeling to lose something.
But then, now I don't have an ironcast reason to buy the DSLR ;p Then I thought... I know, get hubbs to buy it as a birthday gift to me since my birthday's coming! kekeke... since HE was the one who lost the camera, right? kekeke... But now we've found the camera...
Besides, hubbs bought something else I wanted... Air Supply tickets!!! yay!!! We're going to see Air Supply!!! I'd wanted to go see Air Supply last year when they were in town, but when I told hubbs, you know what he said?! He went "Huh? Why you wanna go see 2 old men sing?"

I was like "WHAT?! You can go and see Cai Qin concert for more than three times?! But I cannot see Air Supply?! You see old lady can, but I cannot see old men?!" hummphh!!! :p I didn't need to remind hubbs that one year, he wanted to see Cai Qin concert which fell on our wedding anniversary date which he'd obviously forgotten.

Properly chastised, hubbs promptly showed very positive and enthu reaction this year by buying the tickets very soon after I brought his attention to the fact that Air Supply was in town again ;p so sweet of him.
So! I shall spare him the camera expense (on account of the fact that he didn't lose the Lumix + he bought Air Supply tix already) and pay for it myself... IF I really get it... So how so how...
Haiz. Think the choice is clear! (Coca cola?) I shall get the camera lah! birthday cum mother's day present to myself, cum anniversary present to hubbs & myself!!! kekeke.... see, so many occasions - that should justify the cost... ;p
So the story of the faces on the magnadoodle went like this... Isaac wanted me to draw Asher, so I drew the one on the lower right hand side face. Then he said to "draw Isaac" - so I drew the one on the lower left hand side... Then he said to "draw Papa" so that was the one on the upper left hand side... and when it came to "draw Mummy" - the monkey looking one was the best I could manage. hey, I drew them all upside down, okay?! hahaha... Poor Shawna never got drawn coz Eason came and we were all distracted by him.
Here's Eason!!! :) So cute, right?! Weiqin's & Eric's Crown Prince Eason. Somemore akan datang? :p
pix taken on 20th February 2010 by Hweech!
Isaac @ 2 years & 6 months plus
Asher & Shawna @ 6 and a half weeks
Eason @ approx 4 months old

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