Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ash & Shn, Isaac the traffic policeman

Guess what? It's time for the babies' monthly jabs again. And guess how much they weighed in? Asher's a whopping 7.4kg now, and Shawna's doing alright at 6.75kg :) Guess their weight gain is slowing down, but according to the pd, they're both doing good.

Date Asher Shawna
10 Jun 10 (21 wks) 7.4kg,64cm 6.75kg,60.5cm
12 May 10 (18 wks) 7.15kg,61.5cm 6.2kg, 58cm
15 Apr 10 (14 wks) 6.7kg, 61cm 5.5kg, 58cm
8 Mar 10 (9 wks) 5.6kg, 58.5cm 4.7kg, 55cm
18 Feb 10 (6 wks) 5.1 kg 4.6 kg
6 Jan 10 (at birth) 2.770 kg, 48cm 2.815 kg, 49cm

I managed to check back and found figures for Isaac @ 21 weeks. He was 7.9kg and 66cm. So he's still heavier and taller than Asher at the same age! This is despite the fact that at 21 weeks, at Isaac's time, I had already gone back to work, and Isaac was refusing to drink my expressed breast milk from the bottle. So his weight kinda stagnated after I went back to work. Yet he still weighs in heavier than Asher.
So all the more, thankfully this time round, both babies are okay with drinking from the bottle. Asher & Shawna can drink 120ml to 140ml every 3 hours now. Pretty good, I must say. Isaac used to take 40ml to 60ml like sporadically, in the day. He'd be famished by the time I got home and hung on to me for dear life sucking the milk out of me :( I used to feel so guilty that if and when I had time, I'd drive to my in laws place during lunch just to let him suckle.
Did I tell you about Daylin? Daylin's my cousin Dawn's 2nd child. She's huge - Daylin is. Apparently she can sleep through the night now - and that's coz she drinks 5 feeds of 180ml every day!!! wow! And she's only like 10 days older than the twins. Power.
Oh yes the twins still wake up at night to drink. At most twice. Each. So I'm up most of the night, yet. Haha. But it was this way since Isaac, who woke up 3 to 4 times a night. So I'm kinda used to it already. My body has since adjusted to less sleep, and I can function alright - like, I won't fall asleep at my desk, or while driving.
Though for a time when I went back to work this time round, I actually did not go back to sleep after feeding the babies, but logged onto the computer at 3am at night, clearing office mails till 5am or 6am. But I stopped doing that... when I started to fall asleep while driving. Which is very bad, yes. Very dangerous. I have this bad habit of falling asleep at the wheel when I am too tired. Major accident when I was 21 - luckily I wasn't hurt. Scary though, and my mum never fails to remind me of it, telling me to get enough rest.
Life is precious yeah. What's a few outstanding emails compared to losing your life. or worse, my son's life. Horrors. Can't and don't want to imagine that. So... yeah... I stopped checking emails in the dead of the night. Now, I resort to going in to office when hubbs has to work on weekends. And I'm planning to get a Blackberry so that I can clear emails while breastfeeding the kids. I used to think that I wouldn't want to be able to check office mails on the go coz that'd mean that I'm working 24/7 - well, times have changed huh. No choice... haiz.
Speaking of driving, did I tell you what a traffic policeman my Isaac is? He's very... the thing, when we drive... hahaha... can't think of an adjective lah... Judge for yourself... Here's what Isaac says when I/we drive...

Isaac: Mummy, be careful that black car, ah.
Me: Yes, I'd be careful.
Isaac: Be careful the taxi car, ah.
Me: okay.
Isaac: Oh be careful that motorcycle.
Me: Yes, I'd be careful I don't bang him.
Isaac: Be careful that, that, that -
Me: Cardboard on the ground? Yes, I'd be careful of the cardboard on the ground.
Isaac: Yes, be careful ah.
Isaac: Mummy, put your two hands on the steering wheel when you drive.
Me: Yes, my two hands are on what.
Isaac: Like that! (Puts his hands out at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock)
Me: Like that also can (my hands on 11 o'clock and 5 o'clock)
Isaac: No!!! Like that! (Puts his hands out at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock)
Me: okay okay!!! (Shifts my hands to 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock)
Isaac: Mummy, don't drive so fast.
Me: I very fast meh? (peeking at the speedometer - 80kmh?)
Isaac: Yes, very fast. Drive slow.
Isaac: Drive slowly (he corrects himself)
Me: Oh okay. But actually not very fast what.
Isaac: Fast! Drive slowly.
Me: Okay okay!
Sometimes when Isaac is feeling tired in the morning, and not too perky. He'd want me to hold his hand while I drive. Which is a lucky thing this car is an auto car...

Isaac: Mummy, hold my hand.
Me: Oh okay, are you alright?
Isaac: Yes. Just hold my hand.
Me: Oh. Okay. But I have to drive you know.
Isaac: Hold my hand!
Me: But I thought I am supposed to put both hands on the steering wheel?
Isaac: Hold my hand!!
Me: Oh, I need to turn now, can I have my hand back for awhile?
Isaac: No, hold my hand!!!!!!!
pix taken on 24th March 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 11 weeks

There was this one time, Isaac was drinking from a bottle, in the car. You know, those 500ml bottle, he had unscrewed the cap, and was holding on to the bottle, without drinking, and did not close the cap...

Me: Isaac, can you please cap the bottle.
Isaac: No! I hold like that.
Me: You might spill it. Cap it!
Isaac: No! Don't want!
Me: Or you put it in the cup holder.
Isaac: No!
Me: Yes!
Isaac: No no! You, you, you don't talk to me!
Me: (um chio) don't talk to you?!
Isaac: Yes! You, you, you look at the road while you drive!
Isaac: Put your two hands on the steering wheel!
Me: ?!?! (trying to control my laughter)
Isaac: You don't talk and drive, very dangerous.
Me: You don't change topic okay! You later spill the drink then you know!
Isaac: You don't talk!!! You drive! Don't talk don't talk!!!
Me: !?!?

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