Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hady's birthday party

Hady's our Malay neighbour's grandson. We went to his 1 year old birthday party... but forgot to take a picture of Isaac with Hady!!! Shucks!!! Shall ask Sunarti - Hady's Mummy if she has facebook and add her... surely she has FB and pix of Hady there... :p
This is our Malay neighbour, with Shawna. We call her Auntie, but Isaac and the kids will call her Nenek (correct spelling???) - Malay for Grandma :)
Isaac in his party hat and balloon art :p Surprisingly, as Isaac grew older, though he plays less with Auntie's daughters (the younger one below), he seems more comfortable with them in the sense that he would be okay with giving them a hug and a kiss when we see them. He calls them Kak kak. (correct spelling??? geez, someone corrected me on this before, but I can't remember!)
Here's a nice pic of Shawna! :)
pix taken on 1st May 2010
Isaac @ five days to 2 yrs 9 months
Shawna @ five days to 4 months

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