Monday, 28 June 2010

Isaac, my Isaac!

You know I have been telling you all these conversations I have been having with Isaac? They're just a tip of the iceberg! pity I can't blog fast enough to document them all. Here're some conversations and anecdotes about Isaac...
There was a period of time when Isaac didn't want to go to school. I don't think he didn't like it. It was more like, think he wanted to stay home with me. So this conversation took place a couple of months ago, in the car, on the way in to school/work...

Isaac: Mummy, today no school.
Me: Have, today have school.
Isaac: No, today no school!
Me: Isaac has school, and Mummy has work.
Isaac: Mummy no work!
Me: Mummy has to go to work, Isaac.
Isaac: No work! Throw away your work!
Me: Oh, you want to throw away my work?
Isaac: Yes! Throw away your work! No more work!
Me: *sigh* I wish (talking to myself)
Isaac: No work for you! No work for Mummy!
Me: But if you throw away my work... my boss will get angry with me. Mummy's boss will scold Mummy.
Isaac: *horrified look* No! No! Don't scold Mummy!
Me: Then you don't throw away my work, okay?
Isaac: *tearfully* *nods* okay, I don't throw your work away.
Me: Okay, thank you for not throwing away my work.

Heart pain. My sayang wants to spend more time with me, and yet I have to go to work. *sigh* So sweet, right, my Isaac?

Suddenly, he turns to me and says
Isaac: I won't throw away your home!
Me: Oh yes, please don't! We need our home!
Isaac nods sagely, and looks out the window...
In the beginning, when he started childcare I used to be able to pick Isaac up at about 6pm. Or rather, I made it a point to try to pick him up at 6pm, coz that was roughly the time most other parents came to pick up their kids. Right in the early days, Isaac used to get upset when the other parents came to pick up his friends, but I wasn't there yet. He would cry and all.

But as the work piled on me, it became a struggle to pick him up at 6pm. I started to consistently only make it to pick him just before 7pm. In the beginning, he would cry... One day, I went there, at about 6.45pm, and couldn't find him with the rest of the kids. He was following Teacher Foong Ling around, while she was spraying the sanitizer around the centre.

He saw me and quickly came over to hug me, and dashed off to get his bags. Teacher Foong Ling told me that he was getting all teary when he saw the other parents coming, so she quickly told him:

Teacher FL: Isaac, do you want a sticker?
Isaac: *still teary eyed* Yes, I want!
Teacher FL: Okay, I give you a sticker... *pastes it on Isaac's shirt* but you can't cry. Coz if you cry, the sticker will drop.
Isaac: *eyes widen in horror* *nods quickly* *holds back his tears and sniffs*

As they walked around... Isaac was getting kinda upset again then Teacher FL quickly say
Teacher FL: Oh oh, your sticker dropping already, don't cry don't cry!
Isaac: Oh! Oh! *composes himself to not cry*

So cute, right? :p My poor Isaac. Gradually he got used to the fact that I'd come quite late. I'd usually be one of the last, just before 7pm, like 6.55pm. Some days he'd tell me

Isaac: Mummy, today I am number 9.
Isaac: Mummy, today I am number 10.

I always wondered what he meant, but when I asked him, he just tells me he is the 10th student or the 8th or something like that. THEN, I figured it out... If he was the last one out, he is No. 10. If he was the second last one out then he is No. 9 and so on so forth. I wonder who is it that counts the last 10 students like that?

Feel quite bad when he clocks "Mummy, I am No. 10 again today!" He says it matter-of-factly now. Though sometimes when he is tired, he goes "Mummy, all my friends go home already." SIGH.
pix taken on 23rd April 2010
Isaac @ 2 years 8 months plus

But work has been crazy for me. Coupled with the fact that I now have less time. I can't go to work early coz by the time Isaac wakes up, eats his breakfast, and we go - no matter how I rush him, the earliest I can get into office is about 9am, usually 9.15am by the time I get in :( so late! Then, I have to scram by 6.50pm latest to get to the centre before 7pm... not forgetting that I have to make time to pump twice a day in office... *groan* really no time...

Sometimes, I wonder if I should have chosen a childcare that's nearer home so that hubbs can send and pick up instead. But ultimately, I think this is better coz if not, I'd probably work till 9pm everyday at least, and I wouldn't have the first hand experience of sending and picking Isaac from school and all those stuff...

So... praying that things get better at work! :) Quickly do handover!!! :p

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