Saturday, 26 June 2010

Isaac swimming!

This is Isaac in his swim wear :) The tee's made of the swimsuit kinda material. Thought this was easier than getting him into those one piece suit kind, which is kinda hard to wear.
Natalie, or as we call her - Bei Bei! :) Hardly get a shot of her. Thought she looked very cool, brooding here. Hahahhaa...
It's been awhile since we took pix of Isaac, so I intentionally brought the camera along and told hubbs to take pix. Must give specific instructions to him to take pix, then he will take. If not, no action. Like

Me: Dear, take picture, now.
hubbs: Oh okay.
Me: Take take!
hubbs: yes...
Me: Again, take now!
hubbs: taking taking!
Me: Did you take him smiling? Must take him smiling okay?
hubbs: Have lah.
Me: Take some more! some more!
hubbs: I told you already *something*inaudible*
Me: Just snap! Digital photos you know, can delete one!
hubbs: *grunts*
After all my nagging, look at our nice pix! :) hehehe turned out a decent bunch of pix :)
Isaac was playing with this crocodile and insisted on sitting on it. It was pretty hard balancing him on the animal though.
Isaac loves swimming. He loves the water, since young. With his two arm floats, he can stay in the water without support for quite awhile.
I asked hubbs to pop over to the lap pool to take a picture of Isabelle and Becca having their swimming lesson. Isabelle looks so small compared to Becca in the photo! Was really cool to see them swimming like that :) We plan to start Isaac in swimming lessons with Natalie, sometime next year, I think. Or maybe end of this year.
I managed to get Isaac to agree to stop sitting on his croc, and get into a float by himself. We were turning round and round and round! See video! :)
You know what is he doing below? He's putting my hair behind my ears! :) Then he planted a kiss on my cheek! :) My sweet Isaac! :)

pix & vid taken on 27th March 2010
Isaac @ 2 years 7 and a half months

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