Friday, 25 June 2010

The kidzes' middle names!

Did I tell you the kidzes have middle names? kekeke... you know we Catholics and our middle names... :p for those who dunno... Catholics often have middle names - it's our Confirmation Name. From what I understand (read: without searching wikipedia...), Catholics (who are mostly born into the religion) go through this Confirmation ceremony (after attending like 10 years of cathechism classes) at approx age 16, to confirm that they still wanna be Catholic ;p The fun part of it is - you get to choose a middle name - your Confirmation Name!
So, yes, I have a confirmation name - and it's Shayne! Yes, I chose it myself. I liked the name Shane which is a variant of Shawn/Sean - but it was kinda guyish, so my cousin Yew Hui suggested I insert a 'y' into Shane, so that it becomes Shayne and consequently more 'girly'. hehehe... You might figure that Shayne's kinda similar to Shawna then. Frankly, I did not consciously "name her after me". Really, I didn't. In fact, I didn't realise the similarity until my gynae Dr Ang pointed it out when she was noting down our intended names for the babies.

Dr Ang: So what are you going to name the babies?
Me: Boy is Asher and girl is Shawna.
Dr Ang: How come none is named after Matthew?

I was stunned when she said that. I was like "Huh?" for a moment. Then I realised she thought I named Shawna after my middle name Shayne. I truly didn't intend to. I guess, I was really hardpressed to find a name I liked, and I'd tended towards the name Shawn/Sean which I had liked all along before I settled on Shawna. But... I kinda liked that she was sorta named after me. Feels nice. haha!
But Dr Ang's comment stuck with me... especially when I was still short of a middle name for Shawna. I couldn't think of a suitable one before that. Then it struck me! I'd name Shawna after hubbs too! You know hubbs' baptism name is Matthew, right? (nope, he doesn't have a middle name - we had a hard enough time finding him a baptism name!)

So I thought - is there a female version of the name Matthew? I liked the meaning, which was "God's gift" or "Gift of God". So I searched on the internet for it... and up came Matthea! I instantly liked the name, and quickly tested it on hubbs. He liked it too! And so it was set! Our baby girl was going to be named Shawna Matthea Tan :)

For Asher... one of the names which I had come across while name surfing was "Zacchaeus". I liked it a lot. Firstly, it was long and exotic sounding AND biblical :) Secondly, it sounded like Isaac, which you know, is a name I really like ;p Thirdly, it means "Pure, clean" which is a nice meaning, and I am quite particular on having names which have nice/good meanings. Fourthly, I found out that Zacchaeus in the bible was a tax collector who became Jesus' disciple - which is what Matthew was too! Matthew was a tax collector turned Jesus' disciple!

Thus, the name Zacchaeus had links to Isaac and hubbs' name! Fantastic! :) So it was settled. Asher Zacchaeus Tan it shall be. The only thing is that hubbs might have problem spelling Zacchaeus right. Well, I have problem writing Asher's chinese name too. So we're even :p
As for Isaac, not sure if I mentioned before - his middle name is Emmanuel (something which hubbs has problem spelling right, too ;p). I really liked the name Emmanuel. It means "God is with us" - wonderful, eh? I originally considered 'keeping' this name for my 2nd son, and name my 2nd son "Immanuel" so it'd be Isaac & Immanuel his brother. But then, there are not many nice names starting with "I" to last us for the rest of our kids - for the four we wanted to have. So I abandoned the idea of having all my kids names start with the letter "I".

Besides, Immanuel as a first name is not very nice - it's not 'easy' to call - too long! And the short form or nick name would be.... "Manny"? YUCKS. I keep thinking of the mammoth from Ice Age. So, Immanuel as a first name for my 2nd son was out.

I was talking to Andrea, my cousin-in-law, online, and I said "I feel like giving it to Isaac as a middle name: Isaac Emmanuel Tan - but that'd be a very long name!" She was like "But it sounds great! Heck lah! Just do it!". And so we did :) Isaac Emmanuel Tan he is.

The best part about the name Emmanuel was it's meaning: "God is with us!". And we really felt His presence with us all this time, how he has blessed us greatly - first with Isaac, and now with the twins Asher & Shawna :) Truly, the Lord is with us.
So, the only thing is... I'm out of ideas for nice names - so I wouldn't know what to name our fourth kid. No, I'm not pregnant lah. I'm just saying... ya know, IF we get pregnant again next time. Well, the good thing is, that's probably still quite a few years away, if it happens. So I have lots of time to think about it. Let me know if you think of a gem, eh? :)
pix taken on 27th March 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 2 and a half months


  1. I hope that they are good at spelling! It took me so long to teach my girl her easy to spell 6 letter name!

    1. Yeah! I taught them to spell their first names by using the Bingo song! :) Read about it here:


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