Friday, 4 June 2010

My sweet sunshine!

Isaac's always been very good with words. Lately, he's been surprising and amusing us on a daily basis with the things he says...

The past few nights, when he comes out from his bath (hubbs bathes him), wrapped in his towel, he'd come to me for me to dress him... this is what he has been saying every night the past few nights.
Isaac: Mummy, I am sunshine!
Me: Are you?
Isaac: Yes, I am sunshine!
Me: :) yes you ARE my sunshine! :)

This morning, you know what my sunshine said to me? :) I was trying to wake him up, so I was hugging him, and tickling him and all... and he turned to me and said:
Isaac: Mummy, you're so pretty!
Me: Really?! (I instinctively turned and look into the mirror, to see a just-wake-up-look, puffy eyed, messy hair me...)
Isaac: Yes.
Me: Hahaha oh thank you, my sunshine! :)
Me: Who taught you to say that? (sorry, cynical me.)
Isaac: Me!
Me: :) hahaha...

My sunshine is most sweet, don't you think? :)


  1. That is so sweet! And you know he means it because kids are guileless like that. So aw shucks right...

  2. Hahaha... yeah well, yah, I think he meant it. Which is so sweet coz I looked so awful. hahahaha...


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