Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pulau Ubin

In hubbs' current position as the OIC for NCDCC, he sometimes needs to work weekends. He would often need to be present at some camp or some event or some activity that his cadets were having that weekend. Often, hubbs would bring Isaac along with him. Which is great fun for Isaac, coz he gets to go to the beach, or be at some campsite, play with canoes, and on this occasion, even get sit on a bum boat to go to Pulau Ubin, and visit Chek Jawa. So fun, right?
The babies are too young to be out a whole day like that. If not, you can be sure we'd go along. But not just yet :) We don't mind. We know our time will come. Meanwhile, it's great that Isaac gets to spend quality time with his Papa.
Isaac had a whale of a day in Pulau Ubin. Says hubbs :) here I am typing this post, coz if I wait for hubbs to log in and write about this... erm... wait long long eh. hahaha...
When he came home, Isaac kept on telling me about how he sat in a boat. Clearly a highlight of the day, the boat ride. He also spoke about the crabs he saw at Chek Jawa.
See Isaac in his trekking shoes. He chose to wear those that morning, which was particularly suitable given he'd need to walk a fair bit along the dirt path. We can't have him in his Crocs walking on sand - Isaac's very particular if the dirt gets in his shoes - he'd alert us to this and insist that we take off his shoes, dust off the dirt/sand/stone, and empty his shoe of any other stuff, before putting it back on for him.
Same for water. If his shoes get wet, he'd complain and asks that we dry them out, or he wouldn't wear them - and want us to carry him. Sigh. So im chim, you know. But then, I totally hate sand in my shoes too, so I know how he feels *grinz* So we learn. When we know he's likely to get water/sand/dirt in his crocs (those holes!!!), we'd ask him to wear proper shoes and socks.
Isaac has many many pairs of shoes. Think like 10 pairs or something. Most are courtesy of his cousins Jarrod and Joshua. Only the crocs are new ones I bought him, which he wears most often. So, every morning, Isaac'd have a choice of what shoes to wear. Mostly, he chooses the crocs. Occasionally though, he'd ask to wear something else. Was joking with hubbs that Isaac's teachers must be wondering how many million pairs of shoes does he have though. Haha.
pix taken on 13th March 2010
Isaac @ 2 years 7 months plus

On this day, it was the first time he chose to wear these hiking shoes. When he picked them out, hubbs looked at each other and smiled. "So smart ah Isaac. Okay, quick wear then let's go!!! You wanna sit boat or not?!"

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