Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sweet hubbs of mine!

Here's hubbs with our three lovely kids. Sweet hubbs of mine. Without him I wouldn't have these three beautiful kids (obviously) ;p What I also mean is, without him, I wouldn't be able to cope with having three kids. For those of you who has seen hubbs with the kids, you can easily see that hubbs is very involved in with the kids. Very hands on.
He's a great father who does everything he can with the kids. Even from Isaac's time and now with the twins, hubbs would bathe the kids, change their diapers, feed them (using the bottle when they drink from the bottle, and now, feed Isaac his rice/porridge etc), carry them and walk them till they sleep, play with them, bring Isaac out on his own... etc... He does everything that I can, and more! :) The only thing he can't do, that I can, is to breastfeed the kids ;p
pix taken on 21st March 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 2 months plus
Isaac @ 2 years & 7 months plus

This is our new room layout - the mattress where Isaac used to sleep on is back, and we moved out one cot. The other one remains. Much better this way.
Here's Isaac torturing his Papa - making hubbs his personal play-gym equipment :p Sometimes Isaac likes to step on hubbs' back too, literally stand on hubbs - but hubbs likes it coz it's good massage he says :p
People like to see hubbs in action with the kids. Once, at a family gathering, my auntie actually remarked to hubbs "Your kids are so lucky to have a fun dad like you." hahahaha... It was kinda awkward coz we didn't know how to react to that statement other than just smiling and saying 'thanks'. But it's a great compliment :) kudos to hubbs!
Which reminds me of this one time, when hubbs was talking to my grandmother... and then she started telling him that I (her grand daughter) is so lucky to have married him, and that he was a very good husband and father :) Hubbs is a naturally charmer lah. He charms the socks and stockings off man and woman, old or young!
pix above taken on 1st June 2010
Isaac @ 2 years 10 months
Here's hubbs in action - singing to Asher! :) Cantonese song no less! :p Not one of the usual songs he sings to the kids though. He usually sings chinese nursery rhymes to the kids. Or recites Tang Dynasty poems or something.

pic & vid above taken on 5th June 2010
Asher @ a day to 5 months
Ah ha! A more recent edition of Isaac at play in his Papa Gym. Isaac loves to flip over our shoulders like that. He used to flip over my shoulders like that too. But we had to stop him when I got pregnant with the twins.
And after I delivered, coz Isaac was jealous of the babies, he tried to flip over my shoulder while I was breastfeeding the babies!!! Very dangerous :( at one point, I had to lock the door when I breastfed the babies, to prevent Isaac from doing this...
Hubbs would hold Isaac in such a way when he flips so that Isaac doesn't hurt himself... see the video below...
Ah... Isaac loves to do this, he enjoys standing on hubbs' shoulder - balancing. And he doesn't want to hold on to hubbs hand for support either! Very daring, this boy!
So, before we end off with the video below.... Happy Father's Day, hubbs! Sorry, this was supposed to be posted on Sunday... a bit late but better late than never yeah! :)

pix & vid taken on 19th June 2010
Isaac @ 2 yrs 10 months plus

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