Thursday, 10 June 2010

This morning...

This morning, hubbs and I were fussing over Asher & Shawna, coz they both took their jabs yesterday evening - and so could possibly get a fever. So this morning, we were taking their temperature, for both of them. But of course, Isaac wanted to take his temperature as well, so we did. Once, twice... but when he asked to take again, we know he's acting up... so to distract him. I told him to help get me a piece of tissue paper...

Me: Isaac, can you help me take a tissue paper, please?
He didn't react, so I repeated my request and added: I want to blow my nose.
Isaac looked at me curiously and said: Where is your pee sai?
Trying to control my laughter, I said: In my nose, lor.
Isaac tilts his head to look up my nostrils.
Me: Quick, give me a tissue! I need to blow my nose. I reach over and grab a tissue from the box and proceed to blow my nose...
Isaac: Is your tears so very loud?
Me: It's mucous, not tears. And yes, I'm blowing my nose very loudly.
Isaac: So loud! Just like an elephant!
Me: Haha... Yes, just like an elephant.

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