Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Us with Asher & Shawna

Finally, we got to take pictures with the twins! Ya know, the 'twin-pic' - the pic with a baby in each arm. We hardly get to take pix with the kidzes, and must consciously make it a point to do so. Thus, we often forget :p
Met Daphs for lunch on Thursday and she complained that there weren't enough pix of the babies being posted. yes yes, will hurry and post more... :p But I was thinking about it... I figured out why it seems that lesser pictures are taken of the subsequent kids (not the first borne)... coz you have no hands to do it!
pix taken on 12th March 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 2 months six days

When you have one kid, the hubbs can hold the baby, while I take pix. But when you have two, then you each hold one kid. No hands. With three!!! Lagi worse. Thus, solves the mystery.

So, kidzes, it's not that Mummy and Papa love you lesser that's why take less pix, ok. It's coz we're not octopuses with 8 arms. Now, you wouldn't want an octopus for a mummy and a papa, would you? ;p

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  1. yay new pix!

    I love Shawna's cheeky smile in the second pix :)


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