Friday, 16 July 2010

Isabelle & Rebecca

This above is Isaac & Isabelle. Becca's below. Look at how big the girls are, already!?
Isabelle's in Kindergarten 1, with Natalie in Nursery 1 - in the same school. So Isabelle gets to play big sister and take care of Natalie on the school bus, and in school.
And here's big cheh cheh Rebecca. In Primary 1 this year, Becca's been enjoying school. She's in gymnastics as a CCA since school started this year and she's apparently doing very well. Well enough, that they're putting her in the school team!!! Wooohooo!!!
Recently, Becca's picked up badminton as well, and also doing very welll... such that.... YES! They're putting her in the school badminton team as well!!! woooohooooo!!!! way to go, girl!!!! :)
Ah look! My mum with all her grandkids. All 6 of them. The government telling my mum to stop-at-2 thirty years ago didn't stop her from being a grandma of 6 kids at age 60. kekeke...
It was certainly tough work coordinating a decent picture with all 6 kids! or 4!!! ;p
pix taken on 8th May 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 4 months
Isaac & Natalie @ 2 years plus (both turn 3 in 2010)
Isabelle turns 4 on 24th May 2010
Rebecca turns 7 on 12th November 2010

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