Wednesday, 14 July 2010


These pix are from 2 months ago when the twins were 4 months old... which... makes... them... SIX MONTHS OLD now!!! wooohoooo!!! They turned 6 months on 6th July 2010 - about a week ago - when we were trying to get over the virus that attacked us all.
Thankfully, we are all now much better. The twins are now breathing fine. They just both have some remnants in the form of a bad cough. Isaac is almost completely ok. I just have a slight sore throat left. Only hubbs still feels a little out of sorts - but even then, he's waaaay better than a week or two ago. Thanks everyone, for your concern! :)
So, recently, in this past week that we're recovering from the virus attack... we realised that Shawna has achieved two milestones! Firstly, she can sit on her own! :) She can actually sit on her own, without any back support or us holding her, for quite awhile - say at least 5 whole minutes, before toppling over.
Second milestone is... her teeth have erupted!!! Well, actually, I haven't seen them. But I have certainly FELT them!!! ;p Both Asher & Shawna enjoy chewing on my finger-knuckles - so recently, I have felt the sharp teeth of Shawna! :)
pix taken on 8th May 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 4 months & two days

What about Asher? He can't sit on his own yet, and I haven't felt his teeth break surface yet. But I'm sure it'd happen in the next few days. So far, they have both been reaching most milestones within days of each other :)

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