Thursday, 15 July 2010

My Isaac loves me!

My Isaac loves me!!! Yes he does!!! kekeke... well, call me paranoid, but since he was young, I'd always wondered if he loves me. Hubbs says "Of course he does, don't be silly..."
Now that Isaac can speak, I always ask him "Do you love me, Isaac?" And he'd say "Yes, Mummy. I love you!" hehehee... but then again, I taught him to say that... so... is it counted? hmmmm... paranoid mummy... pix taken on 2nd May 2010
Isaac @ four days to 2 years & 9 months

But... actions speak louder than words, right?! hehehehe... this was what happened recently...

Asher & Shawna are both teething... thus, they have taken to biting and pulling (i.e. hold down a bite and pull) my nipple while they drink. While it is painful now, it would be more painful when they have teeth. Thus, I have to tell them not to do it...

Me: "Asher! Don't bite Mummy! Cannot bite!"
Isaac: *horrified*look* "Mummy, Asher bite you?!" - said Isaac in a grave tone.
Me: *nod*seriously* "Yes, he did. He bite me."
Isaac frowns. Has his arms akimbo, looks at Asher, and says in a serious and stern tone "Asher, you cannot bite Mummy. It is very painful, you know? Very pain. Cannot, ok?"
Then, Isaac looks at me and say "Cannot bite you, right? So pain!"

Ahhhh.... :) He loves me, right?! *grinz*

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